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Sustainable Cherry Hill (SCH) is an all volunteer 501c3 non-profit community outreach and educational organization that fosters the global sustainability movement at a local level.  Creating resources that facilitate this shift in lifestyle, while connecting people in the community for and around our mission, lays a foundation for making the necessary change to a sustainable way of life- one less geared to environmentally damaging and socially inequitable consumption patterns, and one that works in harmony with the planet, its resources and their limits.

Our Mission:

“Bringing people together to build a sustainable South Jersey.”

SCH strives to continuously tap Cherry Hill and the surrounding region’s greatest resource- its people- in order to shift to a sustainable way of life. We do this through hosting educational events, networking opportunities, supporting community based task forces and acting as a general clearing house of information on sustainability news and events. We provide a structure for people at all levels to work together to pursue their passions and use their unique skills and networks in the service of a more sustainable community.

SCH is essentially a community group in that our approach to sustainability recognizes that everyone making small changes results in big differences collectively. As such, it is critical that we establish and nurture relationships with all area stakeholders, including government, schools, businesses, faith groups, other community groups and individuals from all over South Jersey. But grassroots cannot do it alone.  Large scale change requires leadership by governments and corporations.  An educated and empowered populace can put pressure on these entities from the ground up.

Your Role:

  • Sign up for our mailing list and subscribe to this website to stay up to date on all SCH happenings.
  • Follow us on Twitter @sojerseygreen and “LIKE” our Facebook page!
  • Attend one of our free or low cost community educational events.
  • Meet us at Green Drinks “One Green Night a Month.” The event takes place the first Wednesday of EVERY month from 6-8pm at Farm and Fisherman Tavern and Market, Route 70 in Cherry Hill (1442 Marlton Pike E, Cherry Hill, NJ).  Stop by and hang out with folks in your community who are thinking and talking about sustainability. Green Drinks is a friendly, informal setting for networking and building community!  SCH provides the green networking opportunity; you buy your own drinks!
  • Explore the Task Force section of our website.  We have grassroots groups working hard to make our vision of a sustainable community a reality.  Figure out which task force is a good fit for your skills and passions, roll up your sleeves, contact the group leader and get to work!
  • Support our efforts with a donation, sponsor one of our educational programs or join us at one of our “community building” fund raisers.
  • Offer your time and talents to help move SCH forward as a non profit organization. We are an all-volunteer group and always need a hand with planning, communicating and running events.

SCH Website Terms and Conditions

Creating Upcycled Crafts and Community

10801919_793484200719342_1227194449223615038_nAs the holidays approached, the Art and Sustainability Task Force held its first event December 6 – and it was a festive gathering.  This upcycled craft day was attended by a wide variety of people ranging from young kids and high school students to long-time community members.  In addition to creating fun and useful crafts, participants learned how items, that might otherwise be discarded, can find new life through creative reuse. They had the oppHolCraft120614_25ortunity to share their creativity with friends both old and new.

It was a wonderful experience to watch people make new connections, share ideas, and put their own creative twist on crafts they were taught.

The task force is planning  craft days for the months ahead with the next event in March 2015.  We areHolCraft120614_23 always looking for teachers, artists and aids to share their expertise and participants to learn about art and sustainability. Find out more about the Art and Sustainability Task Force here.

If you missed the December 6 event,  we have detailed directions on how to make  the three crafts (tube sock snow man, window screen bracelet and tee shirt scarf). Happy sustainable crafting!

We thank Cherry Hill Township’s recreation department for allowing us to lead our event at the Croft Farm Arts Center.


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New Scholarship Opportunity for Camden County High School Seniors

SCHScholarship2015If you are – or know someone who is – a high school senior, graduating from any Camden County high school in June 2015, the Sustainable Cherry Hill Executive Board is offering up to three “Leadership in Sustainability” scholarships. Being awarded in spring 2015, the scholarship is intended to support graduating seniors who are moving toward leadership in sustainability.If your passions and field of study toward your career goals are: a field that supports sustainable living, or you are seeking to be a change agent in the world around you, this scholarship is for you.
Please click here for scholarship instructions- then apply for the scholarship by March 15, 2015.

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Philly Plans Mega Fossil Fuels Hub: Are you aware? Rally TOMORROW!

The right to clean air and water is universal and crosses state boundaries. Philadelphia is planning a mega energy and industrial hub and pipelines to deliver natural gas from fracking operations and crude oil and the people of South Jersey should pay attention to what this could mean to the health and safety of our region too.

Philadelphia Magazine


Familiarize yourself with what’s being proposed for our region and consider the potential impacts for your community. If you have an alternate, cleaner vision for the Delaware Valley and want to stand up against this proposed fossil fuel based energy hub, consider joining a coalition of organizations and individuals on 12/5 at 9am at The Creese Student Center, Drexel University for a rally against an oil and gas industry conference to recruit investors for the project. More information here and flyer below.

Press about the project…

“The view to the north from the Schuylkill River Bridge on I-95 isn’t easy on the eyes. A vast tangle of smokestacks, oil-storage tanks and pipes operated by Philadelphia Energy Solutions’ South Philadelphia refinery dominate the view, presenting an intensely industrial landscape to visitors heading toward Center City.

There may be a lot more of that to come if the Philadelphia region’s energy industry succeeds in building out its proposed “energy hub,” a complex of pipelines, refineries, petrochemical plants, factories and connecting infrastructure that would take natural gas and associated liquids from Pennsylvania’s massive Marcellus Shale and turn them into fuels and feedstocks for industrial use throughout the country and the world. 

“For cities like Houston and Dallas, and for countless smaller Gulf Coast communities like Erath, fossil fuels – and the prosperity and unfortunate side effects they tend to create – are an indelible part of life. Before long, the same could be true of Philadelphia. The spoils of the Marcellus Shale gas fields will gush into the core of the city and its suburbs through broad new pipelines. Gargantuan processing facilities, built with billions of dollars of global capital, will rise like steel stalagmites along the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers. New factories – lured by the abundant low-cost energy the pipelines provide – will hire thousands of working-class residents to make plastic, steel, cement and countless consumer goods. Air pollution will increase, but so will the local GDP, as energy traders and executives fill up downtown office buildings.”   

Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia + a Pipeline (or Two) = America’s Next Energy Hub, Patrick Kerkstra, 9/29/14

Included in the Energy Hub plans is increased use of the dangerous practice of transporting fracked crude oil by rail from North Dakota…


“That’s because Philadelphia is at the center of a new industrial boom. Oil trains are becoming a common sight on tracks between North Dakota and Philadelphia.To get here, they travel through some densely populated areas – Chicago, Albany and New Jersey, which is raising safety concerns. Why? These shipments are coming on the same type of train that derailed in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, last July, leaving 47 people dead and reducing the downtown to smoldering rubble.”

State Impact NPR Pennsylvania, Oil Trains Rumble Into Philly, Bringing Dakota Crude, Jobs And Safety Concerns, 9/19/13

“Natural gas is not only a contributor to climate change, it significantly effects air quality. The Philadelphia area already has some of the worst air in the nationThe biggest single reason the region’s air quality is so bad is the South Philadelphia Refinery, which currently generates more than 73 percent of the toxic air emissions in Philadelphia, and 31 percent of all toxic emissions in the five-county region.  Perhaps that is why my five year old has severe asthma – and almost every single child in his preschool class carries an inhaler.”

Op Ed: Speak Out About Philadelphia’s Plans for a Fracking Fueled Economy, Paige Wolf

Sustainable Cherry Hill is focused on helping communities in the region educate themselves about what these energy hub plans could mean. This project, if it moves forward, could have a significant impact on our communities. Make sure you spend a few minutes to become informed. Stay tuned for more information. Please contact me if you have any questions.

A coalition of organizations in PA are organizing a rally tomorrow in opposition to the project.  Read more here…

 Facebook Event: bit.ly/fbenergyhub
RSVP: bit.ly/noenergyhub

Energy Hub Flyer

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Join Us to Network-Share-Learn – Green Drinks December 3

Wednesday, December 3, 6-8pm

The Farm & Fisherman Tavern + Market
1422 Marlton Pike E
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
This beautiful place values sustainability, passion, community and of course, delicious food and drink!
We invite you to join us for our monthly free (buy your own beverage and food; discounted items available) networking event that brings together like minded people and businesses to socialize, share ideas and work together towards a
sustainableSouth Jersey Community!

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Dozens Learn Vital Leadership Skills for Sustainability

photo 1The room buzzed with conversations as diverse as the interests of those in attendance at the November 10th “Lead the Change: Improving Leadership Skills in Your Community and Beyond at the Circle of Hope Church in Pennsauken.

Whether championing social justice, opening a green business  or starting a school garden, entry points for leadership in sustainability are almost limitless.  While  having a passion to create change in one’s community or organization is a great foundation for leadership, it’s usually not enough.  Specific skills, such as communications, volunteer engagement and building capacity, are vital to creating an infrastructure for this work.  Understanding nuances that guide personal interactions can make or break the ability to move our ideas forward. No one is an expert in this work; we are all learn as we go.  That’s why it’s so vital for us to gather and  share our experiences with one another. More support, training  and opportunities to address these issues are needed, but can be hard to find.

This “Lead the Change” program, co-sponsored by Sustainable Cherry Hill’s Regional/Urban Partnerships for Sustainability task force and Sustainable Jersey, provided a forum for skills development and experience sharing.  After a lively networking session,  Kevin Lyons, PhD, Associate Professor of Professional Practice, Rutgers Business School, Department of Supply Chain Management & Marketing Sciences, gave an inspiring keynote address.

Next,  a presentation on “Leading through Relationships and Communications” helped attendees with tools to engage local government, recruit and retain members and volunteers, and effectively communicate with community. This session was led by Julie Beddingfield, Esq. Chair, Haddonfield Environmental Commission, Sustainable Jersey Champion 2014, Natalie Shafiroff-Barney, Sustainability and Community Organizing Consultant and Lauren Skowronski, Program Director for Community Engagement, Sustainable Jersey.

The evening ended with an interactive session “Leading with Impact: Learning to Use Interpersonal Interactions to Drive Results,”  that focused on improving  group dynamic skills and building individual impact. This session was led by Lori Braunstein, Founder, Sustainable Cherry Hill, Sustainability and Community Organizing Consultant and Monica Hennessy, Esq., Executive Board, Sustainable Cherry Hill. Thank you, Ila Vassallo and Gwenne Baille for the realistic role play during this session!

Presentations linked here:  Leading through Relationships and Communications, Leading with Impact

Stay tuned here or join our e-list  or check Sustainable Jersey for updates on future leadership trainings and opportunities.

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