Dozens rolled up their sleeves on a wet summer morning in Camden


CFET President Mark Doorley & three local Girl Scouts

Dozens of volunteers from all over South Jersey joined partners, Sustainable Cherry Hill, NJ Tree Foundation, Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority (CCMUA), Center For Environmental Transformation (CFET) and Sustainable Jersey for a community service event July 26 to spruce up the 5-acre public Liney Ditch Park in Camden’s Waterfront South community.

Inconveniently located adjacent to the county’s waste water treatment plant and numerous industrial companies, this park serves as a recreational space for hundreds of children each day. The park and the community are disproportionately affected by air pollution and unpleasant odors daily. In October 2013, over 100 new trees were planted by a group of dedicated partners as part of a shelter-belt surrounding the CCMUA Waste Water Treatment Plant. Shelter-belts are vegetation systems that use trees arranged in row or group configurations to redirect wind and reduce wind speeds, thereby modifying environmental conditions within the upwind and downwind sheltered zones. Read more about the shelter-belt project here.

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This activity helped us all to understand that we are connected to our neighbors in Camden every time we flush our toilets, throw our trash away or simply drive by on our way to Philadelphia.  We made our connection stronger, more positive and personal as we work side by side to keep Liney Ditch beautiful! This project was hosted by the Sustainable Cherry Hill Regional/Urban Partnerships for Sustainability (RUPS) Task Force.  Special thanks go to RUPS Chair, Ed Cohen, NJ Tree Foundation’s Jessica Franzini, CCMUA’s Doug Burns, CFET’s Mark Doorley and Camden County’s Maggie McCann for their assistance and passion in organizing the day!

Volunteers worked hard to ensure the shelter-belt remains healthy!

Volunteers worked hard to ensure the shelter-belt remains healthy!

Join us on October 11th back at Liney Ditch Park for phase two of this project.  More information coming soon! Thank you to Camden County Parks Department for the extra support and to Aqua Corps (Adult Quest for Unity & Altruism) for outreach, photography and enthusiasm. Click here for more info on Aqua Corps and to view their photos from the day.

Thank You to Our Partners!

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