It’s in Our Power Cherry Hill!

Take the pledge!

It’s In Our Power is an extraordinary opportunity to improve our community. This is Cherry Hill’s opportunity for the residents, businesses, institutions, local government, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to partner in reducing Greenhouse gas emissions and reducing our carbon footprint.

We are one of three towns in New Jersey selected to participate in the EPA’s Climate Showcase Communities grant, which calls on municipalities to create a replicable model for sustainability. As a Climate Showcase Community, Cherry Hill will help us manage and reduce our energy use, leading the way to a cleaner, healthier, more efficient way of living. The Cherry Hill campaign officially launched in October 2010 and runs through July 2012.

If, or better yet when, Cherry Hill reaches its energy goals, our community action will serve as a national model for future energy initiatives. Being aware of Cherry Hill’s energy use and taking specific steps to reduce it will create a cleaner, healthier community, and protect our planet for future generations. And there’s more:

  • lower energy use = lower utility bills
  • advise on financial funding potential including rebates
  • engage and increase the “green” consumers
  • develop a community committed to changing their behavior and committed to the future

I encourage you to visit our website, for updates on activities and programs to help you manage your energy use. I ask you to check us out on Face Book (coming soon!) and recommend to your friends and family. Change comes, one step at a time. Make the first step to take the pledge and remember It’s in our power!

Joan Simpson

Energy Outreach Coordinator

Cherry Hill Township

856-432-8741 or by email.


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