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Our Mission –  Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Sustainable Cherry Hill (SCH) is an all volunteer 501c(3) non-profit community outreach and educational organization that fosters the global sustainability movement at a local level.  Creating resources that facilitate this shift in lifestyle, while connecting people in the community for and around our mission, lays a foundation for making the necessary change to a sustainable way of life- one less geared to environmentally damaging and socially inequitable consumption patterns, and one that works in harmony with the planet, its resources and their limits.

goals Mission Goals 

Sustainable Cherry Hill is a grassroots, action-oriented organization dedicated to:

  • Partnering with and empowering local constituencies to enact environmentally positive practices and principles

  • Educating the community on practical, cost-effective ways to forge a sustainable path into the future

  • Advocating for legislation and practices at all levels of government that balance ecology, the economy and the long-term needs of a healthy society

principles Our Principles

The leadership, active members and supporters of Sustainable Cherry Hill observe the following principles when interacting with community members:

  • Respect for the contributions every organization and individual can make toward creating a sustainable community for the future.

  • Recognition that large-scale community transformation is accomplished through incremental steps, which add up to substantial benefits over time.

  • Connections between businesses, government, residents, schools and other stakeholders through sharing and linking resources in order to successfully enact environmentally beneficial programs of all kinds.

  • Leadership founded upon the ideals of empowerment and encouragement to begin, improve and expand efforts to be environmentally friendly.

  • Promotion of partners who share our vision and support our mission.

  Get Involved

Learn about all we are doing

Share – Collaborate – Participate

  • Meet us at Sustainable South Jersey Meetup (SSJM). The event takes place the first Wednesday of every other month (September-June) from 6-8pm at rotating locations. Fun and Food for Free! Enjoy light snacks from a delicious local restaurant, followed by a series of ‘lightning talks’. Continue the discussion afterwards and meet other novice and veteran sustainability enthusiasts. The event (and food and refreshments) are FREE! SSJM is a friendly, informal setting for networking and building community!

  • Write content for our outreach – we welcome blog posts or other information for our webpage/social media

  • Let us know about other sustainability-focused events happening in the SJ area 

Join a Task Force

  • Explore the Task Force section of our website. We have grassroots groups working hard to make our vision of a sustainable community a reality. Figure out which task force is a good fit for your skills and passions, roll up your sleeves, contact the group leader and get to work!

  • Create a Task Force if our current ones don’t fit your particular passion! 

Contribute through Advocacy

  • Learn about how to contact legislators, connect with outside environmental advocacy groups, and talk to friends and family about why sustainability is so important

  • Write a blog post for us with an advocacy angle

Our Values


At its heart, SCH is a community organization building a network of sustainably
minded individuals and families that want to support each other in building a better future for Cherry Hill and its South Jersey neighbors.


SCH wishes to help others in our community to develop their leadership skills by providing opportunities to utilize those skills and providing educational opportunities about leadership skills. We also seek to be a leader as an organization and be an example to surrounding communities.


SCH wants to help people in our community feel like they can make a difference. From changes in their own homes, to educating others, to making their voice heard on the local, state and national level, SCH helps provide the information they need to stay informed and seeks to inspire them to speak out about what matters to them.


As an organization we are committed to always trying new things and being innovative in our approaches to working with our community. We will not shy away from difficult endeavors and will always try to persevere in the face of adversity.


Sustainable Cherry Hill is a fair and open-minded organization. Equity is important to us as we interact with individuals in our organization as well as from a larger social perspective.